• E-CNA-40
  • E-CNA-20

The first "dries clear" character Arabic Yamato.
Impressive fluorescent yellow color fades while glue get dried.

Arabic Yamato Iro Kie (Dries Clear Fluorescent Yellow Arabic Yamato)

Same usability as "Arabic Yamato".

More useful with fluorescent yellow color.

Easy to see where glue applied and not applied.


Differentiated from the old fashion "Dries Clear" glue, vivid fluorescent color has been introduced.

Easy to see where glue applied and not applied, and it avoids unapplied parts left and too much application.

Color fades as it dries, so it is good for scrapbooking, sealing envelope, etc.

Soft and smooth application with a specially made sponge applicator. 

 Color fades Glue series









Sponge cap

・sponge:Urethane、Nylon mesh



 Main component




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  • E-CNA-40
    E-CNA-40 Suggested retail price JPY170(+TAX) Net:20mlSuggested retail price JPY230(+TAX) Net:40ml 4903076900112
  • E-CNA-20
    E-CNA-20 Suggested retail price JPY170(+TAX) Net:20ml 4903076900105