Yamato Co., Ltd. supports environmental protection and achieve further improvements
in the environmental performance of our company.

Yamato Co., Ltd. is aware that global environment conservation is a common issue for all humanity.
So we have made following policy based on our commitments to support
environmental protection and to achieve further improvements in the environmental performance of our company.
We identify, manage and control our activities: manufacturing, processing and selling of stationeries
and industrial products, can impact the environment.

  1. 1. Throughout our activity, we support environmental protection and prevention of pollution.
  2. 2. We make compliance with environmental laws and regulations.
  3. 3. We construct the system to promote environmental conservation activities
    and to execute the continuing improvement, and contribute to achievement
    of the future low carbon society and the society sustainability.
  4. 4. We plan and evaluate our environmental performance of our company.

We'll work on improving our environmental performance
by focusing on the following topics;

  1. 1. We produce and sell eco-friendly products.
  2. 2. We reduce waste and energy use and recycle renewable resources.
  3. 3. We strive for energy saving, resource saving, and efficiency.

Efforts in creating products

Yamato has produced “ECOMMU PRODUCT” aiming for coexistence between the earth
and living thing and strives to develop less impact designs and materials
on the environment as one of our most important theme.


YAMATO promote recycling not only law materials but also in the related field of distribution and sales process such as packages, pamphlet and catalog.
There are three categories in “ECOMMU PRODUCT”.

Clean Type

Non-toxic emission through container incineration.

  • PVC-free product
    Non-toxic emission through container incineration.
    Made with PVC-free materials, which does not occur toxic emission through container incineration.
Resource Saving Type

Refills available products.

Recycled Materials Type

Made with recycled materials such as recycled paper and recycled plastic.

  • Recycled paper product
    Texture and color is same as non-recycled product.
  • Recycled plastic product
    Made of recycled plastic or recycled generating in the production process.

About products made with recycled resin

Recycled resin
polyethylene terephthalate
ABS resin

*Please note that the color might be different
by manufacture lot number because of recycled materials.

In use of recycled resin…
  • 1. Use recycled plastic.
  • 2. Simple package. Packing materials are made with high content recycled paper.
  • 3. Performance and function is same as non-recycled products.

Mark of Eco-friendly Products

The ECOMMU MARK is the symbol mark according to Environmental Friendly standard established by Yamato Co., Ltd.
Eco Mark
The Eco Mark program which the Japan Environment Association undertakes, is managed in accordance with the standard and principle (ISO 14020 - An environmental label and declaration, a general principle, ISO 14024 - An environmental label and declaration, a type I environmental-label display, a principle and procedure) of International Organization of Standardization (ISO). This system is to be said that the use of the label is accepted by the organization of the third party based on independent and multi standards.
Products complying with the Act on
Promoting Green Purchasing
The purpose of this Act is to establish a society that can develop sustainably with reduced environmental loads, by providing for necessary matters and for promoting a shift of demand to eco-friendly products, etc., including the promotion of the procurement of eco-friendly products, etc. by the State, incorporated administrative agencies, etc., local governments, and local incorporated administrative agencies, and the provision of information concerning eco-friendly products, etc., thereby contributing to ensuring healthy and cultured living of both the present and future generations of the citizens. The Act is officially become effective in April 2001.
GPN(Green Purchasing Network)

The Green Purchasing Network (GPN) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the ideas and practices of green purchasing in Japan. Since its establishment in 1996, the GPN has taken a leading role through its activities. Yamato Co., Ltd. is one of the members of GPN and consults on the tasks according to GPN. The followings are main activities of the GPN.

  • Support for promoting of green purchasing
  • Listing Green Purchasing Guidelines
  • Providing Eco-Products Database
  • Conducting Green Purchasing Award