“OUTDOOR TAPE” is a cloth base tape. Compact, Colorful, and High portability. OUTDOOR TAPE is coreless and flat shaped. Not bulky. OUTDOOR TAPE is easy to cut off with hands. Strong adhesiveness and stick firmly. Useful for various occasions such as traveling, packing, hiking, camping, and as an emergency bag item. All OUTDOOR TAPEs are writable with an oil-based pen. Neon color OUTDOOR TAPEs are also writable with a pencil and an erasable ink pen. An original zipper bag to be kept away from dust. Stylish and convenient OUTDOOR TAPEs come in 8 color variations.

  • LIQUID GLUE “Arabic Yamato”
    LIQUID GLUE “Arabic Yamato”

    “Arabic Yamato”, King of Liquid Glue, features soft and smooth application with its specially made sponge cap.  Quick-drying and strong adhesiveness. Plentifully variations of lineup are ready for variety uses.  Ideal for sticking paper, cellophane, etc.
    Arabic Yamato is the most widely used liquid glue in Japan since it went out into the world in 1975 and was awarded Good Design Long Life Award in 2009.
    Balance between the Sponge Cap and quality of glue itself is stood with well accumulated know-how and technically hard to imitate.

  • Memoc Roll Tape squared/lined paper (Self-Stick Paper Notes)
    Memoc Roll Tape squared/lined paper (Self-Stick Paper Notes)

    50mm width Self-Stick Paper Notes in vivid fluorescent yellow color. Dispenser with cutter allows you to cut off easily with the length you need. Backside of the tape is wholly adhesive. Memoc Roll Tape Lined paper (Self-Stick Paper Notes) helps to leave messages easily, neatly and accurately. ▶For making To-Do lists, shopping lists, and leaving messages. ▶Labels on files and boxes.  Memoc Roll Tape Squared paper (Self-Stick Paper Notes) helps to make charts and notes easily, neatly and accurately. ▶For labels on files and boxes. ▶Easy to make charts. ▶Easy to take notes neatly and efficiently with Squared paper. 

  • Self-Stick Film Note “Chigiru for study”
    Self-Stick Film Note “Chigiru for study”

    Must-have!!  “Chigiru for study”, self-stick film note, is translucent film notes perforated with 5mm ruled in squares to highlight & memorize. Translucent and can be stuck without smearing underneath, and keep educational materials neat and clean. Securely stickable with wholly adhesive on the back and effortlessly removable. 5mm ruled perforation for tearing any shapes and sizes you like. The place highlighted with “Chigiru for study” blue will be invisible when covered with a translucent red sheet. The place highlighted with “Chigiru for study” pink will be invisible when covered with a  translucent green sheet.

  • Arabic Yamato Iro Kie (Dries Clear Fluorescent Yellow Arabic Yamato)
    Arabic Yamato Iro Kie (Dries Clear Fluorescent Yellow Arabic Yamato)

    The first "dries clear" character Arabic Yamato.
    Impressive fluorescent yellow color fades while glue get dried.
    Same usability as "Arabic Yamato".
    More useful with fluorescent yellow color.
    Easy to see where glue applied and not applied, and it avoids unapplied parts left and too much application.
    Color fades as it dries, so it is good for scrapbooking, sealing envelope, etc.
    Soft and smooth application with a specially arranged sponge cap. 

  • STARCH PASTE “Yamato Nori”
    STARCH PASTE “Yamato Nori”

    Yamato Nori (Starch Paste) has been made with environment-friendly natural plant materials since beginning production in 1899. Yamato Nori is highly solicitous about safety and has maintained high quality and used in kindergartens and schools. This reliable safe products made from environment-friendly natural materials, tapioca starch, with childproof container. Yamato Nori Bottle Type was awarded TOPAWARDS ASIA in 2017.
    ・Starch Paste Tube Type:Ideal for handicrafts. Apply with a fingertip by squeezing the tube. 
    ・Starch Paste Bottle Type:Easy opening-closing bottle cap enables tight seal and prevent from drying.

  •  Pocket size roll type Self-Stick Paper Tape  “Tape’n’Fusen”
    Pocket size roll type Self-Stick Paper Tape “Tape’n’Fusen”

    Compact size and convenient to carry around sticky tape.  Effortlessly removable, and re-stickable.  4 fluorescent vivid colors, Rose, Lemon, Lime, and Orange are available with matching color small cutter.
    "Tape’n’Fusen" was awarded Good Design Special Award [Design of Production Development], along with “Good Design Award Best 100” in 2017.
    Back side of tape is wholly adhesive and fully stickable and effortlessly removable.  You can cut the tape at the length you want.
    Write tentative schedule and paste on your planner! Easy to distinguish memos by color! For indexes on documents or files! For kitchen containers!

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