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Arabic Yamato Standard is the basic type of the most widely used liquid glue since Arabic Yamato went out into the world in 1975.

Arabic Yamato Standard/ Standard (Large)

"Arabic Yamato", King of Liquid Glue, features smooth application, quick-drying and strong adhesiveness. Plentiful variations of lineup are ready for various uses.

Soft and smooth application with a specially made sponge applicator.

King of Liquid Glue.


Feature of Arabic Yamato

・Soft and smooth application with a specially made sponge applicator.

・Ideal for sticking paper.

・Quick-drying and strong adhesiveness.

The balance between Sponge Cap and quality of glue itself is stood with well accumulated know-how and technically hard to imitate.


Most popular basic type in Arabic Yamato series.

There are two sizes; 50ml and large one with 70ml.



Arabic Yamato was awarded Good Design Long Life Award in 2009.

  Spare sponge caps are sold separately.

 Special print version is available for promotion novelty good, etc.

Refiilable with NA-960/E-NA-960 

Series of Arabic Yamato (Liquid Glue)

NA-150 / NA-200 / AL-200 / NA-300 / NA-50T / NA-60







Sponge cap

・sponge:Urethane、Nylon mesh



 Main component

PVAL(Polyvinyl alcohol)

Item No. /JAN code
  • NA-150
    NA-150 Suggested retail price JPY220 (JPY200 without tax) Net: 50ml  49763218
  • NA-200
    NA-200 Suggested retail price JPY253 (JPY230 without tax) Net: 70ml 49122138