• NA-150CYE
  • NA-150LBL
  • NA-150VRM
  • NA-150DGR
  • NA-150SIL

Limited edition!

Arabic Yamato Retro Color

Nostalgic feeling with retro color caps, while colorful labels become an accent for a pop impression.

Outer cap and inner sponge cap have the same retro color.


◆Series of Arabic Yamato ( Liquid Glue )

NA-150 / AL-200 / NA-300 / NA-50T / NA-60


Suggested Price
JPY275 (JPY250 without tax)


・Container: PE
・Plug: PE
・Cap: PE

Sponge cap
・sponge: Urethane、Nylon mesh
・Plate: PE
・Ring: PE

 Main component
 PVAL(Polyvinyl alcohol)


Item No. /JAN code
  • NA-150CYE
    NA-150CYE Cream Yellow 4903076060403
  • NA-150LBL
    NA-150LBL Light Blue 4903076060410
  • NA-150VRM
    NA-150VRM Vermilion 4903076060427
  • NA-150DGR
    NA-150DGR Dark Green 4903076060434
  • NA-150SIL
    NA-150SIL Sliver 4903076060441