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Easy opening-closing bottle type.

Yamato Nori (Starch Paste Bottle Type)

Starch Paste is made with environment-friendly natural materials.

Easy opening-closing bottle cap enables tight seal and prevent from drying.


Yamato Nori (Starch Paste) has been made with environment-friendly natural plant materials since beginning production in 1899.  Nostalgic starch paste is highly solicitous about safety and has maintained high quality and used in kindergartens and schools.


A reliable safe product made from environment-friendly natural materials, tapioca starch, with a childproof container. A small spatula in the lid.

◆Yamato Nori bottle type is awarded as TOP3 of “TOPAWARDS ASIA 2ND ANNIVERSARY GRAND AWARDS” in 2018.


Yamato Nori is awarded “Long Life Design Award” in 2020.





Main component

・Starch (tapioca)

Item No. /JAN code
  • P-220
    P-220 Suggested retail price JPY297 (JPY270 without tax) / Net:220gram 49763171
  • P-70
    P-70 Suggested retail price JPY132 (JPY120 without tax) / Net:70gram 49122114
  • P-380
    P-380 Suggested retail price JPY440 (JPY400 without tax) / Net:380gram 4903076010019