YAMATO’s sophisticated adhesion technologies are supporting advanced industrial field both within and outside Japan.

  • Auto Mobile Industry
  • Paper Manufacturing Industry
  • Electronics Industry
  • Nuclear Power Industry

YAMATO has kept challenging to create new value products based on our policy, “Joining things together” for more than 100 years history.

The technology and know-how in adhesives has been expanded widely to advanced industrial field, and also has enabled to develop excellent products and services by reducing cost, increasing production efficiency and reducing impact of the environment.

As the leading company of adhesion, YAMATO keeps joining together, people to people, companies to companies and culture to culture.

Auto Mobile Industry

Yamato of items to be used at each site of the body Yamato of items to be used at each site of the body
  • Abrasive materials Abrasive materials
  • Masking tapes/Precision products Masking tapes/Precision products
  • Decoration panel Decoration panel

Individuality and high grade is added to a feel of car.
The adhesion technology of Yamato makes it possible.

Yamato's technologies fostered over many years are used for decorated instrument panels, decorative stripes, blackout tapes, and body and bumper paint masking systems for automobiles, etc. Long accumulated capabilities to specialize in creating original designs for various automobile applications are Yamato's strength.

Yamato sends out a variety of products from its production and sales base in Detroit, the center of automotive industry in the world, as well as from Thailand, Turkey, Mexico, and of course from Japan to various parts of the world.

Paper Manufacturing Industry

  • Splicing Tapes/Spray Adhesive Splicing Tapes/Spray Adhesive

Adhesive products for paper manufacturing are helping paper recycling in order to save those resources which would have otherwise been wasted.

Paper is regarded as a barometer of culture. It is consumed in large quantities in Japan.
In order to protect wood resources which serve as materials of paper,
the promotion of paper recycling has become more important.

Yamato has developed and is supplying various repulpable splicing tapes that permit recycling, which are highly appreciated by paper manufacturers.

Electronics Industry

  • Electronics for processed products Precision products for electronics
  • Electronics for tape Tape for electronics
  • Anti-static equipment / silicone adhesive / hot melt adhesive Anti-static product / Silicone adhesive / Hot melt adhesive

Yamato introduces cost-effective, labor-saving solutions to the production processes of home electronics, computer, etc.

Various adhesive tapes and adhesives are used in the leading-edge electronics products such as TV sets, cellular phones, game machines, PCs, and digital cameras, and also in their production processes and parts. In addition to those advanced properties, normally considered necessary in the electronics industries, such as insulation, conductivity and heat resistance, it is now imperative to consider decomposability of materials to co-op with Consumer Electronics Recycling Law.

Yamato's adhesion technologies with consideration given to the environment are implicitly supporting Japan's Consumer electronics and computer manufacturers.

Nuclear Power Industry

  • Products for nuclear power plant Products for nuclear power plant
  • Adhesive sheet Adhesive sheet

Safe working environment is assured by Yamato products.

Yamato provides special adhesive tapes and special films to prevent contamination proactively during periodical inspection and decontamination work at nuclear power plants. Those Yamato products generate no harmful gases such as chlorine when it is incinerated after use. In addition, Yamato's dust-remove adhesive sheets are widely used not only in the power plant, but also in biotechnology and electronics industries where no dust is allowed.