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03/19/2024 Products

New products, tapioca starch paste craft glue “Yamato tapiko”

New product, “Yamato tapiko”, tapioca starch paste craft glue, will launch on March 21, 2024.

“Yamato tapiko” is tapioca starch paste craft glue made with natural ingredients and has been developed to apply glue easily with a specially designed cushiony applicator without using brushes or spatulas.
With its soft tube and a special cushiony applicator with small holes, it is easy to squeeze and apply glue even for small children without smearing their hands.
Named after its ingredients, tapioca, “Yamato tapiko” is a safe and environmentally friendly craft glue.

Yamato starch paste glue, which we have been producing since 1899, continues to evolve with the time to meet further customer needs through Yamato's long historical experience and accumulated knowledge.

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