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You can make your own colorful suncatchers look like stained glass.

Glass Deco Suncatchers Kit

Simple and Easy! 

Fill your favorite color Glass Deco Glue inside the shaped and outlined clear plates.

<How to make> Paint → Dry (more than 8 hours) → Decorate 

Each set contains 6 colors of Glass Deco Glue and 6 different shaped plates. Just fill Glass Deco Glue inside the outlines of the plates. Easy and Fun!


■Glass Deco Glue: Super Sparkle Clear*2, Light Pink, Light Green, Orange, Sparkle Yellow*2, Super Sparkle Blue*2

■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like Betta fish, Clownfish, Moorish idol, Butterflyfish, Porcupinefish, Tang fish, outlined with black color.


■Glass Deco Glue: Snow white*1, Sparkle Pink*2,  Super Sparkle Blue*2, Orange, Sparkle Green*2, Sunny Yellow
■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like Poodle, Dachshund, Miniature Pinscher, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier, Siberian Husky, outlined with gold color.


■Glass Deco Glue: Snow white*1, Sparkle Green*2,  Sparkle Yellow*2, Sparkle Pink*2, Violet, Orange
■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like, Cat with Ribbon, Napping Cat, Cat in Cup, Cat with Ball, Elegant Cat, Cat in Tub outlined with silver color.

Twinkle Sweets

■Glass Deco Glue: Orange, Super Sparkle Blue*2, Sparkle Pink*2, Super Sparkle Clear*2, Sparkle Yellow*2, Poppy Red
■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like Soft serve, Frappe, Fruit squash, Tropical cream floats, Latté Heart, Whipped cream milk tea outlined with gold color.

Power Machinery

■Glass Deco Sunny Yellow, Poppy Red, Orange, Cobalt Blue, Royal Green, Snow White*1
■Suncatcher Plates: Shaped like Bulldozer, Crane, Mixer car, Dump truck, Power shovel, Worker, outlined with black color.  

Fairy Tales  

■Glass Deco Glue: Coral Orange, Sparkle Yellow*2, Sparkle Pink*2, Sparkle Green*2, Super Sparkle Blue*2, Super Sparkle Clear*2
■Suncatcher Plates: Shaped like “The Little Mermaid”, “Snow White”, “Alice in Wonderland”, “Red Riding Hood”, “Tinker Bell”, a pixie, and “Rapunzel”, outlined with black color.  


■Glass Deco Glue: Poppy Red, Super Sparkle Clear*2, Sparkle Pink*2, Super Sparkle Yellow*2, Sparkle Green*2, Sky Blue*1
■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like Heart, Moon, Shoes, Wing, Tiara, Ring, outlined with gold color.


■Glass Deco Glue: Snow White, Sky Blue*1, Violet, Sparkle Yellow*2, Sparkle Green*2, Orange ■Suncatcher Plates Shaped like Pteranodon, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Tyrannosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Plesiosaurus, outlined with black color.

*1 Snow White and Sky Blue do not turn to be transparent
*2 Twinkling Glitter inside

Glass Deco Suncatcher Plates Sets without Glass Deco Glue are also available.

Glass Deco Box Set (12 colors and 14 colors, without ornament) and single purchase (standard color, sparkle series, neon) are available.

Suggested retail price  JPY1,430 (JPY1,300 without tax)

Glass Deco Glue 10.5ml x 6 colors
6 Suncatcher plates

Main component
Glass Deco Glue: Polyacrylic emulsion


Item No. /JAN code
  • GDS6-U1
    GDS6-U1 Aquarium 4903076055072
  • GDS6-H1
    GDS6-H1 Power Machinery 4903076054778
  • GDS6-M1
    GDS6-M1 Fairy Tales 4903076054693
  • GDS6-J1
    GDS6-J1 Jewel 4903076054686
  • GDS6-K1
    GDS6-K1 Dinosaur 4903076054679
  • GDS6-W1
    GDS6-W1 Sweets 4903076054914
  • GDS6-C1
    GDS6-C1 Cats 4903076054938
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    GDS6-D1 Dogs 4903076054921