Magical paint.
You can make repositionable stickers, look like stained glass.

Glass Deco Box Set (12 colors)

Simple and easy to make Glass Deco. First, draw outlines then fill various color Glass Deco. After drying Glass Deco work, you can stick and peel off Glass Deco sticker.

Let's enjoy season decoration with sticking your own Glass Deco sticker on windows, mirrors, glasses, etc.

Enjoy making and decorating Glass Deco stickers! You can make your original stickers, like stained Glass, with this set.


Magical Paint; a mixture of paint and glue that turns into colorful and shining stickers and looks like stained glass after drying. You can stick your artwork on smooth surfaces like windows, mirrors, or glass containers. The work is repositionable, so you can stick it on and peel it off. Let's enjoy decorating your room or container for seasonal events. Everything necessary is ready in this set, so you can make your own sticker right now.

Both children and adults can easily enjoy making your original sticker.


Easy-to-hold pen type.

Glass Deco/10.5ml×12 colors

・Black, Gold (Combined use of liner and paint)

・Sunny Yellow / Orange / Poppy Red / Violet / Sky Blue/ Cobalt Blue / Royal Green / Soft Brown / Snow White / Sparkle Pink



(1)Glass Deco (Liner & color)

(2)5 sheets of film

(3)Reference leaflet for Art Works collection. 


You can make another kind of beautiful art works with Glitter Glue. (Glue including glitter flakes for decoration).  Apply Glitter Glue onto your art works after dried completely.

Suggested retail price

JPY1,540 (JPY1,400 without tax)

Net:10.5ml×12 colors


Main component

・Poly acrylic emulsion

Item No. /JAN code
  • GDS-12TN
    GDS-12TN 4903076054112