Simple and Easy! You can make your own colorful suncatchers look like stained glass.

Glass Deco Suncatchers Kit

NEW version! Shinkansen, the Japanese bullet trains.

Fill your favorite color Glass Deco Glue inside the shaped and outlined clear plates.

©jeki/Licensed product by East Japan Railway Company

<How to make>
Paint → Dry (more than 8 hours) → Decorate 

6 colors of Glass Deco Glue and 4 different shaped plates. Just fill Glass Deco Glue inside the outlines of the plates. Easy and Fun!

■Glass Deco Glue: Snow White*, Royal Green、Poppy Red, Cobalt Blue, Violet, Orange
* Snow White does not turn to be transparent.
■Suncatcher Plates: E5 series Hayabusa, E6 series Komachi, E7 series Kagayaki, E3 series Tsubasa, outlined with black color. 

◆Color chart◆

◆Related products: Glass Deco Box Set (12 colors and 14 colors, without ornament) and single purchase (standard color, sparkle seriesneon) are available.

◆How to paint◆  ex) E6 series Komachi

◆Painting tips◆


Suggested retail price
JPY 1,870 (JPY 1,700 without tax)Contents

Glass Deco Glue 10.5ml x 6 colors
4 Suncatcher plates

Main component
Glass Deco Glue: Polyacrylic emulsion

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  • GDS6-S1
    GDS6-S1 4903076054754