• YS-8
  • YS-22
  • YS-35

Glue Stick YS Series

Standard and Traditional! Ideal softness and smooth application.

Standard and Traditional Arabic Yamato Design!


Ideal softness and smooth application. 

Standard and Traditional Arabic Yamato Design!


3 sizes in YS series. 

Size comparison of Yamato Glue Sticks is shown below.

Acid-Free, ideal for craft.

※Acid-Free means that it doesn't contain acid, which causes deterioration of photos.


Value pack is available.



・Inner plate:PP



 Main component


Item No. /JAN code
  • YS-8
    YS-8 Suggested retail price JPY120(+Tax) Net:10gram 49030760500008
  • YS-22
    YS-22 Suggested retail price JPY230(+Tax) Net:22gram 4903076050015
  • YS-35
    YS-35 Suggested retail price JPY350(+Tax) Net:40gram 4903076050022