• CG-8-10S
  • CG-22-10S
  • CG-35-10S

10 Pieces Value Pack

Color Glue Stick CG Series Value Pack

Blue Colored Visible and Color Fading Glue Stick.

Outstanding Workability and Versatile Glue Stick.


Easy to see where glue applied and not applied.  Blue color dries clear, so it is reliable to use Color Fading Glue for white paper like envelopes.


10 pieces value pack with prop plate.


Acid-Free, ideal for craft.

※Acid-Free means that it doesn't contain acid, which causes deterioration of photos.


For Single piece purchase.



・Inner plate:PP



Main component


Item No. /JAN code
  • CG-8-10S
    CG-8-10S Suggested retail price JP1,000(+Tax) Net:10gram,10pieces 4903076080067
  • CG-22-10S
    CG-22-10S Suggested retail price JPY2,000(+Tax) Net:22gram,10pieces 4903076080074
  • CG-35-10S
    CG-35-10S Suggested retail price JPY3,000(+Tax) Net:40gram,10pieces 4903076080081