Glue is made with natural raw material.

Glue Stick Reple ⅡNatural

Quick-drying and strong adhesiveness! Refillable with just one push.

For paper and photo.


Quick-Drying and Strong Adhesiveness. Easy to Refill. Ready and Comfortable to use at office, for craft and others. Applicator is made with recycled materials in environmental consideration. Glue is made with natural raw material. Acid-free.


Diameter of RepleⅡNatural is 23.1mm (0.9 inch). 


Size comparison of Yamato Glue Sticks is shown below.


Acid-Free, ideal for craft.

※Acid-Free means that it doesn't contain acid, which causes deterioration of photos.


Refillable with RSN2-25R.


Suggested retail price






・Inner plate:PP




Main componenet

Natural polysaccharide

Item No. /JAN code
  • RSN2-25
    RSN2-25 4903076049960