Yamato Nori, starch paste glue, is awarded “Long Life Design Award” in 2020. News Information YAMATO CO.,LTD.


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Yamato Nori, starch paste glue, is awarded “Long Life Design Award” in 2020.

Yamato Nori, starch paste glue, is awarded “Long Life Design Award”.

(Hosted by the Japanese Institute for Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation.)

The Long Life Design Award has been developed for many years through dialogue with manufacturers, users, and society, and is an award for honoring designs that will become the cornerstone of living and society. These designs are desired to continue to play a role in the future and have the power to continue to be a standard beyond value that changes with the times. 

Yamato Nori is made with environment-friendly natural ingredients and has been a long-selling product since 1899.

YAMATO developed the first started production and sales of glass-bottled long-life starch paste when glue was not preserved well and sold by weight or made at home. In accordance with the changing of the times, main ingredients, containers, and production methods have gone through many evolutions to provide better products with customers. Meanwhile, the colors of containers have been taken over from the glass container model from the earlier days. Yamato Nori has received patronage from all ages over the years.

YAMATO approach to design reflecting the company’s policy of what to change and what not to change, according to the times, was highly evaluated leading to receiving the Long Life Design Award.

YAMATO will keep challenging to create new value with ultimate possibilities in adhesives and produce new products to enrichen our customers’ daily lifestyle.

■Awarded products
Tube type: T-NO3(H)T-70(H)T-220T-380E-T-NO3E-T-100
Bottle type: P-70P-220P-380E-P-1002KG

■Good Design Award


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