• E-T-NO3
  • E-T-100

Ecological recycled materials used for tube.

Ecommu Yamato Nori (Starch Paste Tube Type)

Starch Paste is made with environment-friendly natural materials.

Non-toxic emission through container incineration.


Yamato Nori (Starch Paste) has been made with environment-friendly natural plant materials since beginning production in 1899.  Nostalgic starch paste is highly solicitous about safety and has maintained high quality and used in kindergartens and schools.


A reliable safe products made from environment-friendly natural materials, tapioca starch, with childproof container.

◆Yamato Nori is awarded “Long Life Design Award” in 2020.




Main component

・Starch (tapioca)

Item No. /JAN code
  • E-T-NO3
    E-T-NO3 Suggested retail price JPY110 (JPY100 without tax) / Net:55gram 4903076900204
  • E-T-100
    E-T-100 Suggested retail price JPY165 (JPY150 without tax) / Net:100gram 4903076900211