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02/01/2019 Products

New product, “Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI” (“Tsumami Zaiku”)

Specialized Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI” (“Tsumami Zaiku”) will launch on February 4, 2019.

“TSUMAMI ZAIKU” is pinching small, square-cut pieces of cloth, which are usually obtained out of fine silk, called “CHIRIMEN”, to produce original decoration craft, like “KANZASHI”.  It originated over 200 years ago during the Edo period. The crafts are made with starch paste, not with needles and threads.

You can enjoy making accessories such as earrings and corsages with pinched, glued and shaped clothing fabrics for your daily life as well as Japanese traditional hair ornament“KANZASHI” on special occasions such as graduation ceremonies, wedding ceremonies and “shichigosan” (Japanese traditional festival for children who become 3, 5, and 7 years old.)

Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI” (“Tsumami Zaiku”) is supervised by “Tumami Zaiku” artist “Tsuyutsuki”, Ms. Yukiko Tsuchida and produced through Yamato's long historical experience over 120 years and accumulated knowledge. Not like other kinds of starch paste, Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI” (“Tsumami Zaiku”) is high viscosity starch paste, which saves time and effort to kneed starch paste before use and ready to use for “Tsumami Zaiku”. High viscosity starch paste keeps the shape of pinched cloth such as flower petals.

Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI” (“Tsumami Zaiku”) is designed to use both for beginners and for experienced people who are seeking for better-finished work with ready-to-use high viscosity starch paste.

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