High viscosity starch paste

Specialized Yamato Starch Paste for “KANZASHI”(“Tsumami Zaiku”)(Pinching small, square-cut pieces of cloth, which are usually obtained out of fine silk to produce original decoration craft)

Yamato starch glue specially arranged for KANZASHI”(“Tsumami Zaiku”).
High viscosity starch paste keeps the shape of pinched clothes.

Supervised by “TSUYUTSUKI”, Ms. Yukiko Tsuchida, “Tumami Zaiku” artist.
Instagram of “TSUYUTSUKI” :

High viscosity starch paste saves your time and effort to knead starch paste before use and keeps the shape of pinched clothes.

■What is “Tsumami Zaiku”■

“TSUMAMI ZAIKU” is pinching small, square-cut pieces of clothes, which are usually obtained out of fine silk, called “CHIRIMEN”, to produce original decoration craft It originated over 200 years ago during the Edo period. The crafts are made with starch paste, not with needles and threads. Dipping a small pinched piece of cloth into the starch paste, and tweezers are used to make small parts and put together to make such as flowers.
You can enjoy making accessories such as earrings and corsages with pinched, glued and shaped clothing fabrics for your daily life a well as Japanese traditional hair ornament “KANZASHI” on special occasions such as wedding ceremonies and “Shichigosan” (Japanese traditional festival for children who become 3, 5, and 7 years old).


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JPY517 (JPY470 without tax)


Net: 260g


Main component

Starch (tapioca)


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