The king of liquid glue! Compact refill pouches for "Arabic Yamato" are now available!

Arabic Yamato Refill Pouch

Eco-friendly and cute! Gusseted, self-supporting pouches of liquid glue for refills

Lightweight and compact, and also eco-friendly.



・Compared to the existing "Refill Bottle (NA-960)", the amount of plastic used for the container has been reduced by approximately 77%*, making it an environmentally friendly product.
*Weight comparison per 100ml of liquid glue

・Compact and lightweight. Stand-up pouch and convenient to stock.

・Easy to refill with the spout of the pouch that just fits the mouth of the glue bottle. 

・Refillable for Arabic Yamato and Ecommu Arabic series (excluded Arabic Yamato Iro Kie (Dries Clear Fluorescent Yellow Arabic Yamato)


Suggested retail price

JPY495  (JPY450 without tax)

Net: 130ml

Main component

・PVAL(Polyvinyl alcohol)

Item No. /JAN code
  • NA-130P
    NA-130P 4903076009440