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Write, Tear & Paste / Self-Stick Film Note (Lace Pattern)

CHIGIRU (Lace Pattern)

Semi-transparent film perforated with 5mm ruled in squares. Rolled around hard core plate and adhesive materials are applied evenly at the back.

To meet various purposes, you can tear CHIGIRU into any sizes and shapes.

CHIGIRU aims to avoid inconvenience while developing your creativity,


Perforated with 5mm ruled in squares, CHIGIRU can be cut into any sizes you like.

CHIGIRU is made of semi-transparent film featuring water-resistance and durable materials. It is best when using pencils or oil-based pens.

Smaller than business cards, CHIGIRU can be always kept in hand.

The built-in hard core plate helps you to take notes on CHIGIRU, while holding it with hand.

1.5m long CHIGIRU is rolled around hard core plate. You can tear CHIGIRU into any sizes and shapes.

Adhesive materials are applied evenly at the back of CHIGIRU, this will securely stick on your notes and can be removed effortlessly.

For labels on files, kitchen containers, and for decoration on planners, etc. 

Best for decorating gifts.

~Various uses~

Making schedule book colorful with various shapes and colors.

Customizing Index with colors and patterns.

Make memo without directly write on important prints.

Tear and paste instead of markers.

Tips to tear CHIGIRU

■Perforation with 5mm ruled in squares

■Film Type (semi-transparent)


■1.5m long CHIGIRU is rolled around hard core plate.

■Water-resistance & durable sticky film note


Decorating party goods and gifts with 5 lacy designs.

Compact size. Fits to a business card case and a planner. 

【Suggested retail price】






【Main material】

Tape:Synthetic paper

Adhesive:Acrylic adhesive

Item No. /JAN code
  • CH-502
    CH-502 Lacy Mandarin 4903076120404
  • CH-501
    CH-501 Lacy Lemon 4903076120398
  • CH-503
    CH-503 Lacy Peach 4903076120411
  • CH-504
    CH-504 Lacy Aqua 4903076120428
  • CH-505
    CH-505 Lacy Grape 4903076120435