• TF-15-RO
  • TF-15-LE
  • TF-15-LI
  • TF-15-OR

Cut off the tape at the length you want! Roll type Self-Stick Paper Tape.


Effortlessly removable and wholly adhesive sticky paper tape.

Pocket size roll type Self-Stick Paper Tape. 

4 fluorescent vivid colors.

Feature of Tape’n’Fusen

・Compact size and convenient to carry around.

・The back of the 15mm-wide tape is wholly adhesive and stickable and prevents unintentional removal, but can also be effortlessly removed.

・The small tape cutter on the Tape’n’Fusen allows you to cut the tape at the length you want.

Cut, paste, write on, peel off and paste it again, etc. Hundreds of uses!

・Take notes anytime, anywhere you need with portable Tape’n’Fusen!

・Write tentative schedule and paste on your planner!

・Easy to distinguish memos by color!

・To label on files!

・For indexes on documents or files!

・For kitchen containers!    

 4 fluorescent colorful vivid colors, Rose, Lemon, Lime, and Orange are available.


Caution and Warning

・There is a case that letters may disappear or adhesive may remain on thermal paper or carbonless paper, or other objects.  Do not use for important objects.

Tape’n’Fusen may not stick on a rough surface, dusty surface, wet surface.

・The shade of Tape may be printed depending on types of copy machines. Please try out before use.



Refills are available.



◆Tape’n’Fusen was double awarded: “Good Design Award Best 100” and "Good Design Special Award [Design of Production Development]" in 2017.

Suggested retail price


Tape size:15mm×10m


Tape :(Fluorescent color paper)Fine paper

Adhesive :Acrylic

Cutter : PS

Item No. /JAN code
  • TF-15-RO
    TF-15-RO Rose 4903076101977
  • TF-15-LE
    TF-15-LE Lemon 4903076102004
  • TF-15-LI
    TF-15-LI Lime 4903076101991
  • TF-15-OR
    TF-15-OR Orange 4903076101984