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12/22/2023 Products

New product, “Arabic Yamato Gradient Color” (Limited edition)

As additional variations, “Arabic Yamato Gradient Color” will launch on January 24, 2024, as limited editions.

Arabic Yamato limited editions have been introduced since 2021, breaking the traditional image of office supplies and offering as a personal stationery that is not only functional but also enjoyable.

Among the previous limited editions, “Arabic Yamato clear color” released in 2022 received a great response such as on social media. This was the first edition of Arabic Yamato with clear color liquid glue, which has been well-known for its amber-colored liquid glue since 1975. The amber color came from sap of Gum Arabic called “Arabica Glue”.

“Arabic Yamato Gradient Color” adapts clear color liquid glue as well and its label with a two-color gradation gives a fresh and relaxed impression. 5 colors label and sponge cap are available.
The specification of the sponge cap remains the same as the conventional Arabic Yamato, so the smooth application and the adhesive strength of the glue are excellent.

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