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01/05/2023 Products

New product, “Arabic Yamato Retro Color” (Limited edition)

As additional variations, “Arabic Yamato Retro Color” will launch on January 25, 2023, as limited editions.

In response to the recent retro boom, "Arabic Yamato Retro Color" incorporates retro colors on the cap that give a nostalgic impression reminiscent of the Showa period (1926~1988). In the past, limited edition colors have been released, starting with a pastel color in 2021, followed by a clear color with transparent liquid glue in 2022, both of which received a great response.
"Arabic Yamato Retro Color" has a more retro feel with the amber liquid glue unique to Arabic Yamato, and the colorful labels give them pop impressions.

Same as before, the lineup includes a total of five colors (bottles), and the design makes not only the five bottles, but also just one bottle, fun to use and enjoy looking at and using these personalized stationeries.

The specification of the sponge cap remains the same as the conventional Arabic Yamato, so the smooth application and the adhesive strength of the glue are excellent.

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