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11/18/2022 Products

New product, ”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker

New product, “SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, will launch on December 14, 2022.

 (Item No.: SOE-W1 / SOE -W2 / SOE -B1 / SOE -B2 / SOE -M1 /SOE -M2)
All designed by ©DICTOM DESIGN

”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, is perfect to express your feelings and message simply and casually, although message cards and letters tend to contain a lot of information and are too formal.

”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, is a compactly designed frame-shaped sticker that allows you to write a one-word message inside the frame and simply affix it to the object to convey your thoughts and feelings.

”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, is ideal for attaching to gifts and something to be shared as well as for wrapping seals and adding messages on cards.

A tasteless package can be transformed into a thoughtful gift, when ”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, with your messages are accompanied with your personalized gift for private transactions, such as those on the increasingly popular flea market apps.

All six items in the lineup feature the iconic "SOERU-chan", a unique girl with a variety of looks, in vivid designs that catch the eye. The package is in the form of a cover that can be folded and carried around, making the product convenient for carrying.


While the recent Covid-19 disaster has led to the diversification of communication methods and the spread of various digital tools, there is also a growing awareness of the importance of analog tools that can convey warmth and feelings that digital tools cannot.

”SOERU STICKER”, Message Sticker, is a communication tool that connects the feelings of the giver and the receiver.

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