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02/06/2019 Products

New products, “Memoc Roll Tape EXTRA Sticky”

Memoc Roll Tape EXTRA Sticky will launch on February 12, 2019, as additional series of Yamato’s well-sold products, roll type sticky notes.

Memoc Roll Tape is Self-Stick Paper Tape. You can cut off the length you want with dispenser/cutter. In response to expanding customer’s use of Memoc Roll Tape, EXTRA Sticky type, about *¹double strength of adhesion, will be added to the line-up of Memoc Roll Tape series.

*¹ Comparison with current type Memoc Roll Tape.

Good for vertical surface and plastic surfaces such as computer monitors and whiteboards. 
Back side of tape is wholly adhesive and it prevents from neither creasing nor removing unintentionally. 
color is vivid fluorescent. Refills are available. 

Convenient to use at home and offices as memos, labels, indexes, etc.

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