• REF-BLK 

Reflect light back toward the light source, both at night and in the daytime in all environments.

Reflective Sticker

Your presence would be recognized even from a distance.

Shines brightly!
Choose from 5 different shapes for the item you want to enhance visibility.

The "reflector sticker" is a "retroreflective" sticker that reflects light back toward the light source when it receives light from a car light, flashlight, etc.

Neon and other colorful colors and simple colors in white and black colors for those who do not wish to be conspicuous during normal use.

Not exposed to the light (image) Exposed to the light (image)

Water resistance and strong adhesiveness. Good for rain goods.  

Not exposed to the light (image) Exposed to the light (image)

Good for traffic safety and accident prevention.

Rain goods Bicycle / Bike Walking stick / Stroller

For shoes, bags, helmets, etc.

■ Feature■
 ・The shaped sticker can be used without cutting, just peeling off from the sheet.
・Vivid colors including neon colors and simple colors in white and black colors.
・Water-resistance and strong adhesiveness. 
    *Not recommend laundry. 
 ・Writable with an oil-based pen.
・Compact and not bulky compared to a tape type.



■ For outdoor

For walking sticks and leads

For helmets and bicycle pedals

Suggested retail price:
JPY495 (JPY 450 without tax)

Content:13 pcs
Sticker size:
・Triangle: W17.2×D19.5mm
・Square: W17.6×D17.6mm
・Rectangle(Small): W28×D9mm 
・Rectangle(Large): W59×D9mm

Sticker: Polyester, Urethane resin, Glass bead
Adhesive: Acrylic


Item No. /JAN code
    REF-NOR Neon Orange 4903076004230
    REF-WHT White 4903076004247
    REF-LGR Light Green 4903076004254
    REF-YEL Yellow 4903076004261
  • REF-BLK 
    REF-BLK  Black 4903076004278