• NA-150GRY
  • NA-150RED
  • NA-GRN
  • NA-150NVY
  • NA-150YEL

Clear and Vivid !

Arabic Yamato Clear Color (Limited edition)

The first version of Arabic Yamato with Clear Color liquid glue and vivid color labels and sponge caps.

・“Arabic Yamato Clear Color” (Limited edition)
・Vivid 5 colors label and sponge cap are available.
   You can choose with your preference.
・Soft and smooth application with a specially made sponge applicator.

◆Series of Arabic Yamato ( Liquid Glue )

Combination of label colors and sponge cap colors
Label and sponge cap color

Clear Gray(Purple)/ Clear Red (Pink) / Clear Green (Lemon Yellow)
Clear Navy (Light Blue) / Clear Yellow (Arabic Orange)


Suggested retail price: JPY187 (JPY170 without tax)


・Container: PE
・Plug: PE
・Cap: PP
Sponge cap
・sponge: Urethane、Nylon mesh
・Plate: PE
・Ring: PE

Main component
PVAL(Polyvinyl alcohol)


Item No. /JAN code
  • NA-150GRY
    NA-150GRY Clear Gray 4903076060335
  • NA-150RED
    NA-150RED Clear Red 4903076060342
  • NA-GRN
    NA-GRN Clear Green 4903076060359
  • NA-150NVY
    NA-150NVY Clear Navy 4903076060366
  • NA-150YEL
    NA-150YEL Clear Yellow 4903076060373