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  • RF-25H-10N

For labeling, writing memo,etc. Hundreds of uses with 25㎜-wide tape!

Refill for Memoc Roll Tape Film Type (Self-Stick Film Tape) 25㎜ width with dispenser (contained one roll)

Cut off the length you want! Removable and the back of the tape is wholy adhesive "Memoc Roll Tape Film Type"

25mm-wide tapes are ideal for writing notes or labeling. 


Memoc Roll Tape Film Type is translucent. You can highlight and add memo without hiding contents underneath. Versatility film tape, like as temporary stickers, as makers, etc. 

Memoc Roll Tape Film Type is translucent sticky film tape and can be cut off the length you want. Effortlessly removable.  Versatility water-resistant film tape can be used like as makers, memos and labels for containers in the kitchen.

Cut, paste, write on, peel off and paste it again, etc. Hundreds of uses!

 ■For writing memos on books, maps, documents. Translucent film tape enables to add memos without hiding contents. Effortlessly removable and add memo without smearing. 

■Put memos on personal computers. 

・When you paste tape on thermal paper or carbonless paper, the letters may disappear or adhesive may remain on the paper after peel it off.

・Memoc Roll Tape may not stick on a rough surface, dusty surface, wetness surface.

・The shade of Tape may be printed depending on types of copy machines.

  Please try out before use.

・Adhesive may remain or color transfer depending on pasted objects or use condition.

・Not use for important objects.

Refillable products (Compatible products: RF-25CH-7N,8N,9N,10N)

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Tape size:25mm×10m

Main component

Tape: PET

Adhesive : Acrylic

Item No. /JAN code
  • RF-25H-7N
    RF-25H-7N Yellow 4903076102318
  • RF-25H-8N
    RF-25H-8N Pearl Blue 4903076102325
  • RF-25H-9N
    RF-25H-9N Pastel Pink 4903076102332
  • RF-25H-10N
    RF-25H-10N Fresh Green 4903076102349