• R-25CH-WL
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A pair of fluorescent color tape and recycled paper tape is easy to distinguish.

Memoc Roll Tape (Self-Stick Paper Tape) Fluorescent color and recycled paper 25mm width with dispenser (contained two rolls)

Effortlessly removable and wholly adhesive "Memoc Roll Tape". Convenient to use at home and offices up to your idea.

Self-Stick Paper Tape in vivid fluorescent color and non-fluorescent color.


Cut, paste, write on, peel off and paste it again, etc. Hundreds of uses!

・To label on files

・To replace with temporary address label on faxes

・Easy to distinguish memos by color

・For indexes on documents or files

・For containers

Feature of Memoc Roll Tape series

・Dispenser with cutter allows you to cut off easily with the length you need.

・Back side of tape is wholly adhesive.


 A pair of vivid color tape and versatile color, white tape, is convenient for use depending on purposes.

Caution and Warning

・When you paste tape on thermal paper or carbonless paper, the letters may disappear or adhesive may   remain on the paper after peel it off.

・Memoc Roll Tape may not stick on rough surface, dusty surface, wetness surface.

・The shade of Tape may be printed depending on types of copy machines.

  Please try out before use.

・Adhesive may remain or color transfer depending on pasted objects or use condition.

・Not use for important objects.


Refills are available.


Suggested retail price


Tape size:25mm×10m



・Tape:(Fluorescent color paper) Fine paper

(recycled paper) Content ratio of used paper 70%



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  • R-25CH-WL
    R-25CH-WL White/Lemon 4903076061301
  • R-25CH-WO
    R-25CH-WO White/Orange 4903076061318