• HRF-1H / HRF-1S
  • HRF-2H / HRF-2S
  • HRF-3H / HRF-3S
  • HRF-4H / HRF-4S
  • HRF-5H / HRF-5S

Effortlessly removable and semitransparent film tape. A pair of Japanese Design roll and single color roll.

HAMAMONYO Sticky Memo Roll (Self-Stick Film Tape)

Collaboration with popular “HAMAMONYO”, a unique color and pattern textile design brand with traditional Japanese taste.

Easy-Removable Self-Stick Designed Film Tape. A pair of tapes with Japanese Design and mono tone color.


●A pair of 15mm width, Self-Stick Film Roll Tapes.

●Comes with two steal cutters.

●Film tape is made from biodegradable polylactate (plant-derived).


Japanese traditional taste textile design brand, “HAMAMONYO”, keeps creating the world of unique graphic design and color combination. "HAMAMONYO" had received the Good Design Award and their products were displayed at MoMA Design Store in New York. Distinguish color balance for daily use are so attractive.

5 Different fine Japanese traditional taste designs. Same design "Glue Stick Assortment" available.


More "HAMAMONYO" series.

Suggested retail price


Tape size:15mm×10m



・Tape : Polylactic acid

・Adhesive : Acrylic


Item codes of different two packages are as follows;

・Plastic bag packages : HRF-1H~5H

・Shrink packages : HRF-1S~5S



Item No. /JAN code
  • HRF-1H / HRF-1S
    HRF-1H / HRF-1S Hydrangea pattern+ecru 4903076058462 / 4903076058523
  • HRF-2H / HRF-2S
    HRF-2H / HRF-2S Cat+Navy blue 4903076058479 / 4903076058530
  • HRF-3H / HRF-3S
    HRF-3H / HRF-3S Broad Beans+Grass 4903076058486 / 4903076058547
  • HRF-4H / HRF-4S
    HRF-4H / HRF-4S Strewn flower+crimson 4903076058493 / 4903076058554
  • HRF-5H / HRF-5S
    HRF-5H / HRF-5S Stripes+cream color 4903076058509 / 4903076058561