• NO200-38-1
  • NO200-38-2
  • NO200-38-4
  • NO200-38-5
  • NO200-38-20
  • NO200-38-21
  • NO200-38-22

Deleaded Vinyl Tape

Yamato Vinyl Tape 38mm width

For insulation, masks, repairing, sealing, color coding and various other uses.

Excellent adhesive strength and electrical insulation. Highend quality.

Yamato Vinyl Tape is manufactured at the ISO9001 certified factory. ISO9001 is the international standard of quality management.


Reliable Quality enables variety uses like banding things together and Color-Coding.

Wide Range of uses in factories, offices, schools and at home.



●Applied special adhesive enhance strong adhesiveness with metal, tree, glass, plastic, and fabric.

●Can use for long over change of seasons without getting vulnerable adhesive in the cold weather, or getting icky in the hot temperature. 

●Superior electrical insulative endures high voltage less than 600V.

●Flame retardant tape made of high quality vinyl chloride.

●Convenient for color coding of wires with 7 color variation tapes colored with less discoloration pigment.

●Low VOC material is used as adhesive.

VOC: Volatile Organic Compounds; VOC is said that one of materials cause sick house syndrome.



●For terminal treatment of electric wire and cables, and for electric insulation treatment of joint parts.

●For color coding for switchboards and car wirings.

●For assembling of communication equipments and assembling of the electric apparatus.

●For safeguard of electric insulation processing at home, and as anti-slip tape of tools and grips.

●To seal containers.

●For classification of variety goods and for gift wrapping.


Caution and Warning

◾Please remove dirt, dust, liquid, oil and etc. from the surface neatly before putting Vinyl tape.

◾Yamato vinyl tape is made for industrial and office work use, so please avoid using on human body. It may cause skin irritation.

◾Please dispose as nonflammable waste as the tapes made of vinyl chloride resin as main material.

◾Please avoid direct sunlight, and store at low temperature.

Suggested retail price 


Tape size:38mm×10m





Item No. /JAN code
  • NO200-38-1
    NO200-38-1 Yellow 4903076002229
  • NO200-38-2
    NO200-38-2 Blue 4903076002236
  • NO200-38-4
    NO200-38-4 Green 4903076002243
  • NO200-38-5
    NO200-38-5 White 4903076002250
  • NO200-38-20
    NO200-38-20 Red 4903076002212
  • NO200-38-21
    NO200-38-21 Black 4903076002267
  • NO200-38-22
    NO200-38-22 Transparent 4903076002274