• TS-240
  • TS-15-20S

Comes with an easy to refill holder.

Yamato Tape Nori (Glue Tape) Spare Roll

Two different widths (9mm and 15mm) are available.

No mess, wrinkle-free

Economy, easy to use.  Ideal for display photos, drawings and others.

・No mess, wrinkle-free.

・No need to peel of paper liner.

・The tape can be removed easily by scrubbing without damaging surface.

・Easy to replace refill tape.  Economically, dispenser can be used for long.


・TS-240 is 9mm width, refill for TS-9-12BH.

・TS-15-20S is 15mm width, refill for TS-15-10.

Refillable products

(Compatible products: TS-240 for TS-9-12BH *discontinued

(Compatible products:  TS-15-20S for TS-15-10


・Tape:Adhesive (Acrylic)

Item No. /JAN code
  • TS-240
    TS-240 Suggested retail price JPY240(+Tax) Tape size:9mm×12m 4903076006067
  • TS-15-20S
    TS-15-20S Suggested retail price JPY450(+Tax) Tape size:15mm×10m 4903076006050