Recycled materials used.

Ecommu Arabic Bottom-up type

Immediately applicable even little  glue remaining in the bottle.

"Ecommu Arabic" is an ecology product, made with recycled materials for bottles. 

Eco Mark certified products.

Bottom-up bottle keeps sponge cap wet and prevents the cap from drying up.

Immediately applicable even little glue remaining in the bottle.


Feature of Arabic Yamato

・Soft and smooth application with a specially made sponge applicator.

・Mainly for sticking paper.

・Quick-drying and strong adhesiveness.

Balance between Sponge Cap and quality of glue itself is stood with well accumulated know-how and technically hard to imitate.


Please turn the sponge cap counterclockwise direction to close tightly.

Refiilable with NA-48/E-NA48 


Series of Arabic Yamato (Liquid Glue)

E-NA-150 / E-AL-200 / E-NA-300 / E-NA-50T / E-NA-60  


Suggested Price

JPY275 (JPY250 without tax)

Net :  60ml







Sponge cap

・sponge:Urethane、Nylon mesh



Main component

PVAL(Polyvinyl alcohol)

Item No. /JAN code
  • E-NA-60
    E-NA-60 4903076900051