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06/08/2022 Products

New product, “Reflective Sticker”

New product, “Reflective Sticker” will launch on June 16, 2022.

The "Reflector Sticker" is a "retroreflective" sticker that reflects light back toward the light source when it receives light from a car light, flashlight, etc., allowing you to make your presence recognized even from a distance.

It is useful as a marker for traffic safety and disaster prevention by affixing it to items you wear, etc., as it shines in all kinds of environments, both at night and during the day.

The product would be used not only for walking and outdoor activities, which have been on the increase recently since COVID-19 and the heightened awareness of disaster prevention, but also for children's belongings such as for school.
In addition to fluorescent and other colorful and conspicuous colors, the new product lineup includes white and black colors for those who do not wish to be conspicuous during normal use.

"Reflector Sticker" comes in five different shapes that can be selected to match the item to which they are attached, and can be used on rain goods, school bags, helmets, bicycles, shoes, and other items for decorative purposes.

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