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11/19/2021 Products

New product, “Glass Deco Suncatcher Plates Sets”

4 variations of “Glass Deco Suncatcher Plates Sets”, Dinosaur, Jewel, Fairy Tales, Shinkansen (the Japanese bullet trains) will launch on November 25, 2021, as an additional line-up of Glass Deco Suncatchers Kit series.

”Glass Deco Suncatchers Kit” contains shaped and outlined clear plates and easy to make colorful and shining suncatchers just by filling Glass Deco Glue inside the outlined clear plates like painting pictures and drying (about 8 hours).

“Glass Deco Suncatcher Kit” has been expanding its variations with a favorable reputation, especially for children to enjoy easily just like painting pictures. Now 4 variations, Dinosaur, Jewel, Fairy Tales, Shinkansen (the Japanese bullet trains), are available. 

In response to the customer’s request for a separate selling of plates and making good use of the remaining Glass Deco Glue which is originally contained the kits, “Glass Deco Suncatcher Plates Sets” for each item was added to our lineup.

YAMATO has produced a variety of stationeries including the best-selling glues and sticky accessories along with art and craft products. YAMATO will put forward our products to enrich and make enjoyable your daily life.

*  “Glass Deco” is like a magical paint; a mixture of paint and glue that turns into colorful and shining stickers and looks like stained glass after drying.

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