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09/21/2021 Products

“Tape’n’Fusen” new packaging design

Tape’n’Fusen” in a new packaging design will be launched on September 29, 2021.

“Tape’n’Fusen” is a compact size and convenient to carry around sticky tape. The back of the tape is wholly adhesive and stickable and prevents unintentional removal, but can also be effortlessly removed. The small cutter on “Tape’n’Fusen” allows you to cut the tape at the length you want.

New “Tape’n’Fusen” is visible with a new packaging design in a clear case.

New “Tape’n’Fusen” is made in Japan, instead of made in Vietnam.
Please kindly note new item numbers, new suggested retail price, and new JAN codes. 

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