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“Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” is awarded “Good Design Award 2020”.

“Clip Memo Tape + Magnet”, a pocket size roll type self-stick paper memo tape with clip, cutter + magnet, is awarded “Good Design Award 2020” (Hosted by the Japan Institute for Design Promotion, a public interest incorporated foundation)

“Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” is a new version of “Tape’n’Fusen” released in 2017.  A clip and a magnet were added and is now more convenient than the original “Tape’n’Fusen”.

“Tape’n’Fusen” was awarded Good Design Special Award [Design of Production Development], along with “Good Design Award Best 100”.
Good Design Special Award [Design of Production Development]: Particularly outstanding entries among all the awarded entries produced by small and medium enterprises.


【Detail of Awarded Product】

Product Name:  Clip Memo Tape + Magnet
Launch Date: 10 September 2020
Suggested retail price: JPY 550+ TAX
Features :
・A new version of “Tape’n’Fusen”. Same as the original “Tape’n’Fusen”, the small tape cutter on the “Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” allows you to cut the tape at the length you want.
・Compact size and convenient to carry around.
・The back of the 15mm-wide tape is wholly adhesive and stickable and it prevents unintentional removal, but can also be effortlessly removed.

With the addition of a clip and a magnet, “Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” has evolved to be even more convenient than the original “Tape’n’Fusen”. You can easily carry around the “Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” clipped on your planner or memo pads. It is also ideal for labeling at home, as well as a memo or index for diaries and other organizers, and for use as a kitchen tool to indicate the contents on food containers and best before date. You can also attach “Clip Memo Tape + Magnet” to steel drawers or refrigerators.

Gentle pastel colors fit in with your lifestyle, and can be used in a variety of situations from the office to inside the home.

■Good Design Award


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