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01/24/2020 Topics

Regarding News Report on Yamato Corporation

There have been several news reports with regards to PVA (polyvinyl alcohol), the main material of liquid glue and an article that PVA is expected to increase the effects of radiation therapy of cancer was posted on The Asahi Shimbun digital site with pictures of “Arabic Yamato” Yamato’s liquid glue, yesterday.

All Yamato employees are very surprised and pleased that PVA, the main material of “Arabic Yamato”, Yamato liquid glue, contributes medial field following the news report in May 2019.

Please kindly note “Arabic Yamato”, Yamato liquid glue, is for gluing purposes only.  Other purposes are not recommended.

“Arabic Yamato”, the most widely used liquid glue in Japan, is the highly recommended glue with smooth application, quick-drying & strong adhesiveness, since “Arabic Yamato” went out into the world in 1975. 
Yamato Corporation wishes that “Arabic Yamato” will be used and loved for long.

Yamato Corporation

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