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05/31/2019 Topics

Regarding News Report on Yamato Corporation

  There have been several news reports with regards to “Arabic Yamato”, Yamato’s liquid glue, and Yamato Corporation since yesterday.  It became clear that the research team led by the University of Tokyo purchased "Arabic Yamato", Yamato’s liquid glue, in the normal sales channel.  “Arabic Yamato” has been used as one of research materials and has produced groundbreaking research results.  All Yamato employees are very pleased to be able to make social contribution, including those suffering from illness, involving in cutting-edge medical technology, although it is different from the intended use of “Arabic Yamato”.

Arabic Yamato”, the most widely used liquid glue in Japan, is the highly recommended glue with smooth application, quick-drying & strong adhesiveness, since “Arabic Yamato” went out into the world in 1975.  Yamato Corporation wishes that “Arabic Yamato” will be used and loved for long.

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